Our brandname


As we are a Belgium based brand , our native language is dutch.


Dutch dictionary: “hoop” noun (m). [hop]  verb: "hopen" 

1/ Desire for something to become real (= hope / to hope)

As a brand, we want to contribute to a better world. And we believe that having "hope" is important to make a difference. We have hope for the future, hope for the environment and hope for all children living on this planet.

2/ Accumulation of objects or of a substance; heap 

In the end, clothing is nothing more than a heap of fabric, that is why we consciously choose durable, timeless and gender neutral clothing of good quality that can be worn for a long time and easily passed on to siblings.



The noun "hoop" has a different meaning in English but it is also explains what we stand for.


English dictionary: “hoop” noun (c). [hu:p] verb: "to hoop" 

1/ a ring of wood, metal or plastic

A hoop is an object that children play with (hula hoop). We design clothes in which children can play and move freely.

2/ to bind or fasten with / to encircle; surround

The verb "to hoop" means to bind or to encircle. We are a brand of people, for people. Everyone counts to realize our mission: from stitchers, sustainable partners, shop owners, couriers, to you & your children, the end consumer.