The people behind the brand

I am Yentl , 32 years old and a mother of 2.
Since I became a mom, I am more aware about the inequality in the world and the impact of fast fashion on our environment and wellbeing. 
Due to the crisis of the past 2 years and lockdowns, poverty has risen very sharply and hit developing countries the hardest. This touched me a lot, I felt like the time was right to make a career switch and turn my passion into my profession.
With the brand "hoop" I want to combine my passion for creativity and my sense of action to support children in developing countries.


My grandmother Suzanna
Together with my grandmother Suzanna, I design timeless collections in soft natural tones.  She taught me to draw patterns by hand and it became a hobby we both enjoyed. She is 95 years old and she had her own children clothing store in the 60ties, it is nostalgie to work together with her. She is my biggest example.
The Suzanna Foundation is also named after her, to make her spirit and positive mindset live further in our charity organisation.


My brother-and sister-in-law
Habib en Tina
Together with my sister-in-law Tina and her husband Habib, who has Sierra Leonean roots, we thought how we could give disadvantaged children in his home country a better future. 
We founded the Suzanna Foundation, a local non-profit organisation in Sierra Leone to support  the most vulnerable children and their families. Since we coordinate the organisation and charity work ourselves, we have the control that all funds reach the children directly. Habib and Tina speak the native language which helps to manage the coordination and to keep close contact with the children. This was very important to me as we want to directly assess the impact of our actions locally and ensure transparency. 
Together we are "hoop", without these wonderful people we could not exist.