Visit cotton tree - Freetown

Visit cotton tree - Freetown

Tuesday 12 April 2022 - a cloudy afternoon in Freetown

Habib, one of the founders, has finalized the paperwork for the Suzanna Foundation when he visited Sierra Leone during Easter holidays. He also met Hawa and Duba, our local coordinators to discuss the project.

On Tuesday 12 April 2022, they drove to Freetown to look for the children to pre-register in the program.  

Shop Freetown cotton treeMuseum Freetown cotton tree

They went to Cotton Tree, an neighborhood in the capital with many beggars, including young children. When they arrived they walked trough the streets and saw people in poor circumstances. They spoke to the children and tried to gain their trust. After an interview with some children and their parents or their guardian, they pre-registered 9 children, from 8 different families in the program. 

Most of the children who are pre-registered have parents with disabilities and are between 3 and 8 year old. In the coming weeks,  Hawa, will contact the children and the parents to officially register the children in our program and start the support. 



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